Contemporary-Art-Bus: Visiting Hasselt

Last chance to visit THREE EXPOS in Hasselt with the CONTEMPORARY-ART-BUS!
VERY CONTEMPORARY invites you on the 10. December 2017 to join the last days of three exhibitions in Hasselt:

CIAP - S.W en het CIAP Pact
Stijn Wybouw, master student Visual Arts at the PXL-MAD School of Arts in Hasselt was the key holder and the director of CIAP’s ground floor during the past three months. During that time Wybouw presented weekly a new work.

CIAP - meetsysteem
The exhibition MEETSYSTEEM combines work of three artists in varying degrees of visibility and presence. Jacques Lizène, gerlach en koop, and Nora Turato share an idiosyncratic attitude and an interest in the mechanisms of language and image.

Z33 - Perpetual Uncertainty
PERPETUAL UNCERTAINTY is an exploration of contemporary art in the nuclear anthropocene. The exhibition brings together international artists from across Europe, the USA and Japan to investigate experiences of nuclear technology, radiation and the complex relationship between knowledge and deep time.

> 14:00h - CIAP
> 15:30h - Z33

> Joining a CONTEMPORARY-ART-BUS is for free.
> A CAB starts from every city of the VERY CONTEMPORARY Network.
> In every CAB fifty places are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
> You will be welcomed at each institutions with a guided tour and drinks.