Contemporary—Art—Bus '18: Visiting Heerlen & Hasselt

On the 27th of January 2018 the CONTEMPORARY-ART-BUS hit the road towards not just one, not two, not three, not four but seven exhibitions! Participants from all over the Euregion came together to join the opening ceremonies of a cultural mix of architecture, art and dance in Heerlen and Hasselt:

> 17:00h - SCHUNCK*
> 19:00h - CIAP

Punk, dance and art. More than thirty years after the provocative cult classic Hail the New Puritan by video artist Charles Atlas and star dancer / choreographer Michael Clark, this dynamic triangle is back in the spotlight.

> Femmy Otten: Mural
Femmy Otten (b. 1981) has taken the bit between her teeth and bedecked the stairwell that connects the five storeys of the SCHUNCK* Glaspaleis with her fragile drawings and wall sculptures. The mystical, transcendental and religious elements in her murals touch a raw nerve.

> Mies van der Rohe Award 2017
The EU Mies Award is the most prestigious architecture prize in Europe. The prize is awarded every two years for recent buildings whose architecture has delivered an outstanding performance in terms of concept, technology and construction. The 353 entries submitted in 2017 were whittled down by an international jury to a shortlist of around 40 finalists. These finalists (with an accompanying text in English) can be seen as part of a travelling exhibition which, after Brussels and Katowice, can be seen in SCHUNCK* from 28 January to 14 March 2018.

> Klushuis
The ‘KLUSHUIS’ exhibition explores the value and the potential of two leading projects from the regeneration phase: the Kleiburg Flat in Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam and Superlocal in Bleijerheide, Kerkrade. Both projects emphasise, each in their own fashion, the re-use of materials and the involvement of residents.

> Rein Dufait: Van het reiken en het aarden
In his artistic practice, Rein Dufait (Ostend, 1990) attempts to neutralize the distinction between nature and culture. His sculptures don’t disguise their making process. These installations feel light and fragile although often made of heavy and rigid materials. Every exhibition is accompanied with a limited artist publication ‘Tesanada’.

> Alice De Mont: subject 23
In recent months, Alice De Mont developed a new character, subject 23. The character lies at the basis of an installation that shows an interaction between paintings and sculptural work.

> Guy Bleus: A scented dialogue between the postman and his electronic shadow
The exhibition A SCENTED DIALOGUE BETWEEN THE POSTMAN AND HIS ELECTRONIC SHADOW, inspired by the title of one of Bleus' manifestos on communication (1994), explores the relation between the olfactory practices in his own work as a visual artist and the presence of smell and taste in (erotic) poetry and literature.

Video: Leonid Babiichouk