Kunsthaus NRW Kornelimünster

Kunsthaus NRW Kornelimünster
Abteigarten 6
52076 Aachen – Kornelimünster


Thursday → Saturday 14:00h → 18:00h
Sunday & Public Holidays 12:00h → 18:00h


Free admission

The exhibition program of the KUNSTHAUS NRW KORNELIMÜNSTER offers an insight into North Rhine-Westphalia’s current and future art scene. Since 1948, North Rhine-Westphalia has been purchasing works by young artists to support them. Today, the collection numbers 4000 works, documenting the history of North Rhine-Westphalia’s art to the immediate present day. The collection is hosted in the baroque palace building of the old Abbey of Kornelimünster.

Current Exhibitions

  • 09.10.2016

    collection with loose ends 02: Identities

    The presentation of the COLLECTION WITH LOOSE ENDS  picks up one of the collection’s loose ends and is dedicated to deliberate about its identity: “How did »art from NRW« come into being and what has shaped it since? Displayed in two chapters, the presentation uncovers the collection’s beginnings and illuminates the discourse on cultural identity from today’s perspective.

    The collection was founded in 1948 with the objective of reviving and supporting the modern avant-garde then ostracized by the Nazi regime. By funding art, the ministry hoped to provide the newly created state with a cultural identity. In line with this concept, the exhibition explores themes of identification from industrial sites to highways, dress codes, gender concepts, and political identity.

  • 13.05.2017

    Against representation

    Architecture can be overpowering, as it is often a representation of power. Even modern architecture focusing on the functional form, still transports messages. The building of the former abbey, in which the Kunsthaus is located, shows the power of a few over lots of people. Even today, the old dynamics of representation are still in power. Clemens Botho Goldbach, Frauke Dannert, Christian Odzuck and Adrien Tirtiaux will research and deconstruct these dynamics during the exhibition AGAINST REPRESENTATION.

  • 21.09.2017


    Along the themes of settings, experiments and errors, the new collection’s presentation gives an overview of 21st century motifs with acquisitions from the last ten years.
    With Nina Brauhauser, Lars Breuer, Eli Cortinas Hidalgo, Thea Djordjadze, Luka Fineisen, Andreas Fischer, Django Hernandez, Erika Hock, Markus Karstieß, Seb Koberstädt, Anna K. E., Agata Madejska, Martin Pfeifle, Franziska Windisch and others.

  • 21.10.2017


    REFLECTING showcases a compilation of Media Art from NRW: Time-based works reflect this vital genre of 21st century art. The large-scaled exhibition, curated by Elke Kania and Marcel Schumacher, brings together Video Sculpture, Film, side-specific Video Installation and analogue Double Dia Projection by Marianna Christofides, Catherina Cramer, Dan Dryer, exc, Fabian Heitzhausen, Elmar Hermann, Tim Gorinski und Miriam Gossing & Lina Sieckmann.

Current Events

  • 23.09.2017

    Event - Aachener Kunstroute

    6 museums - 17 galleries and producer galleries - 9 artists' groups - 17 cultural institutions & showrooms in Aachen open their doors during the weekend of 23./24. September 2017. More info here

  • 24.09.2017

    Finissage - Against representation

    The finissage of AGAINST REPRESENTATION will take place on Sunday, 24.09.2017 at 15:00h. At 16:00h, Clemens Botho Goldbach is invited for an artist talk.

  • 06.10.2017

    Talk - Was müssen Künstler können?

    Against the backdrop of an unprecedented art-study-hype, the panel discussion between Prof. Stephan Schneider (HBK Essen), Stefan Hölscher (Kunstakademie Münster) and Susanne Hegmann (Bildende Künstlerin; Deutscher Künstlerbund) discusses the structures and methods of artistic education and looks to their future.

  • 21.10.2017

    Opening - Reflecting & 21. Century

    Opening of the new exhibition REFLECTING and the third collection presentation 21. CENTURY at 15:00h. At 18:00h a new exhibition opens at the Ludwig Forum and at 19:00h at the NAK: All three openings will be connected via a CONTEMPORARY-ART-BUS.

  • 27.10.2017

    Talk - Jenseits von Geld und Material

    Julia Malcherek (Kulturbüro Rheinland-Pfalz, Projekt Kunst-Mentoring), Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ulli Seegers (Institut für Kunstgeschichte der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Schwerpunkt Kunstvermittlung im Museum und Kunsthandel), Wolfram Lakaszus (Bildender Künstler) discuss innovative methods of individual artists' promotion and draw out how to improve the living and working conditions of artists with little financial resources.