La Châtaigneraie

La Châtaigneraie
Chaussée de Ramioul 19
4400 Flémalle


Tuesday 14:00h → 17:00h
Wednesday 14:00h → 18:00h
Friday → Sunday 14:00h → 18:00h


Free admission

Set up in 1979, LA CHÂTAIGNERAIE occupies a small manor house (1830-1840) bordered by age-old chestnut trees. Exhibitions range from a retrospective of a historical nature to the most contemporary expression, passing through all the techniques. In this way, La Châtaigneraie confirms its vocation as a place for promoting artists as well as the wish to create a place for meetings and awareness. The Centre publishes historical works and monographs.

Current Exhibitions

  • 16.09.2017

    9ème Prix de la Jeune Sculpture

    A double prize (small and large format) and two exhibitions (at La Châtaigneraie and the Musée en Plein Air du Sart Tilman) reserved for young sculptors under 40 years of the Fédéraqtion Wallonie-Bruxelles. In collaboration with the Musée en Plein Air du Sart Tilman.

  • 12.11.2017

    Carte blanche à Françoise Safin

    In collaboration with Marchin's Cultural Center. A double exhibition that will leave to Françoise Safin, former curator of the MAMAC (Liège), an opportunity to gather around her many artists that she had the chance to meet, to exhibit... throughout her beautiful career.

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