NAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein is one of the youngest institutions of it’s kind in Germany; a private non-profit association for contemporary art in the tradition of the German Kunstverein model. NAK was founded in 1986 as a late echo of the 1964 Fluxus festival, with Joseph Beuys and Wolf Vostell as center protagonists at the local university in Aachen. The spirit of this moment has since been source of commitment to contemporary art.

Current Exhibitions

  • 03.09.2017

    HOUR OF EXCAVATION - Hiroki Tsukuda

    Hiroki Tsukuda creates three-dimensional spacial installations. For this purpose, the artist combines collected or found building materials to neo-futuristic topographies. For the NAK, Tsukuda extended his installations to the surrounding park. More info here.

  • 22.10.2017

    Open Thoughts - Emma Talbot

    In work that moves between drawing, painting and installation, British artist Emma Talbot has been searching for ways to poetically transfer inner experiential images.

Current Events

  • 21.10.2017

    Opening - Open Thoughts

    Opening of the exhibition OPEN THOUGHTS at 19:00h. At 15:00h a new exhibition opens at the Kunsthaus NRW and at 18:00h at the Ludwig Forum: All three openings will be connected via a CONTEMPORARY-ART-BUS.

  • 09.12.2017


    The benefit auction assembles a vast range of wellknown and newly discovered contemporary artists, whose works will be auctioned off by Prof. Henrik Hanstein of Kunsthaus Lempertz to benefit the NAK.