Van Eyck

The VAN EYCK is a multiform institute for fine art, design and reflection. International artists, designers, curators, photographers, architects and writers stay at the academy to work on their projects. The Van Eyck also offers a public programme of exhibitions, presentations and lectures. The well-equipped labs (wood, metal, printing, photography/new media and a library) and the café-restaurant are open to everyone.

Current Exhibitions

  • 11.07.2017

    Margaret Van Eyck

    The Margaret van Eyck Academie is a multidisciplinary institute that furthers experiment, research, study, production and exchange (formerly known as Jan van Eyck Academie). Margaret van Eyck is an ongoing intervention by participants of the Van Eyck, investigating the ways that fiction and reality inform each other. 

  • 30.08.2017

    The Materiality of the Invisible

    THE MATERIALITY OF THE INVISIBLE approaches contemporary art as an activity that shares several characteristics of archaeology. Many artists probe the underlying layers of our social and political reality. They expose what is concealed and penetrate to other times. Like archaeologists, they make the invisible visible.

    For this project, the Van Eyck selected six international artists who each collaborated with two archaeological partners. The Materiality of the Invisible shows the results together with the work of 24 other artists. The exhibition is organized by the Van Eyck in collaboration with Marres and Bureau Europa and spreads out over the three locations.

Current Events

  • 21.11.2017

    presentation - Javier Calderon

    Curator Javier Calderon   will visit the Van Eyck. He will give a public   presentation on his work at 17:30h in the auditorium. All welcome.


  • 23.11.2017

    presentation - Keren Cytter

    Artist Keren Cytter will visit the Van Eyck. She will give a   talk about her work at 17:30h in the auditorium. All welcome to join.

  • 30.11.2017

    READING GROUP - Body/Embodiment

    The Jac. P. Thijsse/Wilhelmina Minis van de Geijn Lab   and the Pierre Kemp/Thérèse Cornips Lab   organize their fourth Reading Group from 18:00h - 21:00h. Special guest is Van Eyck   participant Sissel Marie Tonn.

    Selected texts:
    Kathy Acker, Against Ordinary Language, The Language of the Body
    Stacy Alaimo, Bodily Natures (pages 1-25)
    Mel Y. Chen, Animacies. Biopolitics, Racial Mattering, and Queer Affect (32 pages)
    * Optional extra: Bruno Latour’s How to Talk about the Body? The Normative Dimension of Science Studies (25 pages). More.

  • 14.12.2017

    presentation - Niels Van Tomme

    Niels Van Tomme, director of Amsterdam based contemporary art institute De Appel to the Van Eyck. At 13:00h he will give a talk about his work in the auditorium.  Everyone is welcome to join!