Founded in 1976 by a group of art-loving citizens, CIAP is a platform for contemporary arts based at C-mine – a revitalised mining site in the city of Genk (BE). CIAP’s guiding principles are a direct response to its surroundings: the industrial heritage, the disturbed landscape with its resilient fauna and flora, the multicultural community, and the almost-forgotten history of Genk as a health retreat and a popular resort for artists. This is why CIAP feels the urge to work around the notions of hospitality, ecology, (self) care, and periphery and invites artists, curators, researchers, members, and neighbours to reflect, formulate alternatives, and share them with others.


C-mine 10 bus 1
3600 Genk
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Opening Hours

Wed – Fri 11:00h – 18:00h
Sat – Sun 13:00h – 17:00h



Very Contemporary — CIAP
Very Contemporary — CIAP