SPACE Collection

Launched in 2002 by artist Alain De Clerck, SPACE Collection is building a network of European cities linked by a transborder collection of contemporary art. The works are acquired thanks to interactive sculptures. In Liège and Maastricht, the two first culture machines made the purchase of 122 works possible. Situated in the historical center, the exhibition space takes place in an old apartment recognized as a place to experiment. The art center regularly welcomes events, lectures, and shows. In 2020, a second exhibition space, called the "NEW SPACE", will open its doors in a old industrial site of 500m2.


SPACE Collection
En Féronstrée 116
4000 Liège

Rue Vivegnis 234
4000 Liège
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Opening Hours

Wed - Sat 15:00h - 17:30h



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