Performing landscapes 2024:
Ali Glover & Carole Louis

Very Contemporary, 2024 ‣ ARTISTS IN RESIDENCY<br>Performing Landscapes: Ali Glover and Carole Louis

Very Contemporary is pleased to announce the chosen artists for the 2024 Performing Landscapes residency hosted by Greylight Projects: Ali Glover & Carole Louis. The selection committee consisting of Very Contemporary members Sophie Delhasse (Art au Centre), Maxime Moinet (Art au Centre), Brenda Guesnett (IKOB museum Eupen), Wouter Huis (Greylight Projects), Famke Storms (Greylight Projects) reviewed the 75 received applications, all with an interesting and different approach to the questions raised by the open call.

Both artists will work at Greylight Projects in Heerlen (NL) between May and June 2024, developing a new project to be publicly presented at the Performing Landscapes festival on 7th September 2024, taking place at Art au Centre in Liège (BE). The event is a collaboration between the different institutions of the Very Contemporary network.

Ali Glover (1993 West Midlands) is a Londen-based artist. He graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2015 and completed the MFA Fine Art program at Goldsmiths in 2022. Glover’s site-based interventions consider how architectural infrastructures can shift aspects of behavior and psychological patterns. He is interested in how forms of language (architectural, image, or sonic) used in those in-between moments can lead to something from being overlooked to visible. Glover explores notions of haunting within urban environments, this brought him to consider monotonous and cyclical elements of time in his practice and research.

Glover borrows moments of other forms within his interventions that allow markers in time to be made to collapse them simultaneously. The politics of daydreaming are articulated through field recordings questioning areas of productivity and boredom. Combined with the structural installation, Glover looks to reference aspects of the gallery space in which he is exhibiting, combining them poetically, as a commentary on constitutional aspects of an individual’s mental space and societal expectations on uniformity.

📸 Construct, Ali Glover, Installation view at Cob Gallery (EN), 2024. Photo: Ali Glover

Very Contemporary, 2024 ‣ ARTISTS IN RESIDENCY<br>Performing Landscapes: Ali Glover and Carole Louis
Very Contemporary, 2024 ‣ ARTISTS IN RESIDENCY<br>Performing Landscapes: Ali Glover and Carole Louis

Carole Louis (1985 Köln, Germany) is an artist based in Brussels. She studied sculpture at the visual arts school “La Cambre” and completed her masters degree in 2008. She plays in her work on the absurd and the misunderstanding and reinvents in her practice a tragicomic world that constantly questions the relations of power, class, and economy. Her projects regularly run counter to the shackles imposed at all levels. The artist casts doubt in our minds and has fun distilling counterpoints to situations that seem determined to us, sometimes despite ourselves.

Louis’ tragicomic universe aims to dissect the solidity of affirmative functions, whose indisputable evidence contributes to their invisibility. By exaggerating the literal of certain phenomena, or starting from an ingenuous point of view, she shows how any ideal of resolution is inevitably synonymous with paradoxes and constraints. In her artistic practice, she combines different media to produce a global context, which are often activated through performance.

📸 Cave in for later, Carole Louis, site specific performance, Biennial SACO 2021, Antofagasta, Chile.