The IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art in Eupen is located in the German-speaking Community of Belgium, close to the German and the Dutch border. Its program focuses on emerging and leading contemporary art by creating a significant collection (in progress) and temporary exhibitions (in dialogue). Functioning as a discursive platform for contemporary art with its multidisciplinary and thematic exhibition program and concerned with critical and socio-political issues, the IKOB attempts to reflect the matter of the frontier.


IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art
Rotenberg 12 B
4700 Eupen

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Opening Hours

Tue - Sun 13:00h - 18:00h


Voluntary donation (€ 6)
Free <18 years

Free entry on every first Wednesday and on every first Sunday of the month.

Very Contemporary — IKOB
Very Contemporary — IKOB

Current Events

Very Contemporary, IKOB, Henrike Naumann – WESTALGIE
24.01.23 – 16.04.23 Exhibition

Henrike Naumann – WESTALGIE


Very Contemporary, IKOB, Merle Vorwald – DAUERGLOSS
24.01.23 – 16.04.23 Exhibition

Merle Vorwald – DAUERGLOSS


Upcoming Events

Very Contemporary, IKOB, Artist Talk: Stefania Crișan and Isolde Venrooy
28.03.23 Artists talks 19h – 21h

Artist Talk: Stefania Crișan and Isolde Venrooy