Very Contemporary, What the flag?!

What the flag?!

‘What the flag?!’ is a project in close collaboration with Greylight Projects in which artists design flags that are hoisted on flagpoles outside or inside the venues of the Very Contemporary network partners and in the public space of the centre of Heerlen (NL).

The Very Contemporary network partners invite artists (of their current exhibitions or as part of their collection) to design a print for the flag. A flag from each Very Contemporary venue will be raised at a different Very Contemporary venue to show the relationship between the venues in the network.

The flags at the Very Contemporary venues are an addition to the What the Flag? exhibition in the centre of Heerlen (NL). As part of the city-centre exhibition, Greylight Projects invited a group of twelve international artists to translate their work to one or more flags, spread over different locations. A map with the locations can be found via #mappingheerlen.

Participating artists: Alex Chevalier, Amit Goffer, Anaïs Touchot, Balta, Célie Falières, Claude Horstmann, Datu Arellano, Éloïse Alliguié, Emeline Galhac, Fran Hoebergen, Francesco Finizio, Irma Kalt, Jean Boumans, JM Crapanzano, Kristina Benjocki, Michael Kargl, Monty von Richthofen, Myriam Hornard, Vera Molnar.

What the flag?! can be seen in the the centre of Heerlen and at these Very Contemporary venues: Bureau Europa • Greylight Projects • IKOB • La Châtaigneraie • SPACE Collection • Kunsthaus NRW Kornelimünster • Leopold-Hoesch-Museum • Ludwig Forum Aachen • NAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein

>>> click here for more information and the maps with locations <<<

image: close up 1 - close up 2, 2021, Kristina Benjocki, What the Flag?! 2021