Wondertour #1 Sittard → Genk

A nature and water-filled Wondertour

This cycling route takes you from Museum De Domijnen in Sittard (NL) to Jester in Genk (BE). It is one of the longest Wondertours with a distance of 45 km (one way). But the route is predominantly flat and follows peaceful lanes exclusively for cyclists. Along the way you discover alluring nature, from beautiful vistas along the Meuse to paths through the different greenery of the National Park Hoge Kempen.

This cycling route makes partial use of a network of cycling junctions. Easy-to-follow green/white (NL) and blue/white (BE) signs featuring junction numbers lead you from one junction to the next.

Tour highlights

Start: Museum De Domijnen (Sittard), Google Maps

De Domijnen's museum of contemporary art is located in the complex Ligne in Sittard-Geleen. This architectural landmark also houses a graduate school, a library, and a cinema for art house films.

Very Contemporary, Sittard → Genk

Kasteel Limbricht Google Maps

Limbricht castle is a motte-and-bailey castle, a fortification situated on a raised area of ground called a motte, accompanied by a courtyard and stables and, surrounded by a protective ditch. These days it houses a café-restaurant with a terrace, bed and breakfast, and escape room.

Very Contemporary, Sittard → Genk

't Vaerke Google Maps

Get across the Meuse to Belgium with the foot and bicycle ferry 't Vaerke. Operating times are from 1 May to 30 September, 7 days a week from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM. At high tide there is the possibility that the ferry will be temporarily taken out of service. The price is €1.20 per person per transfer.

Very Contemporary, Sittard → Genk

Station As Google Maps

For years As station played a central role in coal mining in the region, because from here the many miners and coal wagons left for the nearby mines. On the site you'll find a restored train, a miniature train, an observation tower, and a cosy café-restaurant with terrace.

Very Contemporary, Sittard → Genk

Labiomista Google Maps

On the foundations of the mining past and the former Zwartberg zoo (Genk), a project is evolving: Labiomista. It gives you insight into the unique vision of artist Koen Vanmechelen and his life's work in terms of identity, fertility, and biocultural diversity. Labiomista consists of a 24-hectare park with an open-air exhibition of many of Vanmechelen’s (living) artworks and installations. Labiomista is open from July until November from Tuesday to Sunday - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. More information is on the website.

Very Contemporary, Sittard → Genk

End: Jester (Genk), Google Maps

Jester is an organization for contemporary art and culture based at C-mine – a revitalized mining site in the city of Genk (BE).

Very Contemporary, Sittard → Genk