Highlights of the month

Atelier in de stad – Ward Willems

opening: Thursday 25.04.24, 1:30pm at the Heerlen NS station hall (NL)

On Thursday 25 April, Roel Wever, mayor of Heerlen, will open the new 'Atelier in de stad'. From this spot, ín the station in Heerlen, we will support local artists and approach Heerlen from their perspective. This approach will take different forms; the artist exploring the city, collecting people's stories and making drawings on the spot or artists taking inspiration from architectural elements or the different histories. In this way, we want to share different perspectives with the city, its inhabitants and visitors. The new location, which we are able to use through the cooperation with NS Stations, provides the opportunity for this.

Very Contemporary, Home
Very Contemporary, Home

Are You Sure You Want to Delete This?

Grand opening: Saturday 27.04.2024, 3pm at Kunsthaus NRW Kornelimünster (DE)

Which photographs are kept and which are deleted? What categories do we use to sort our image archives? What does this practice of dealing with digital images mean for individual and collective memories? Many photographers deal with these questions. The exhibition Are You Sure You Want to Delete This presents perspectives from artists of the young generation from NRW. For the first time in this exhibition at Kunsthaus NRW, the horizon is broadened by a perspective from "outside", with an impulse from the Dutch artist Esther Hovers.

Dreaming out loud: Lizzie Veldkamp

07.04.24 – 02.06.24 at Schunck (NL)

Artist Lizzie Veldkamp has a penchant for construction sites and the effects of urban transition. According to her, change causes us to look at the environment in a different way. When a building is demolished or something in public space breaks down and is repaired, traces are left behind. Those traces create layers in the world around us. For the artist, this stratification provides objects and buildings with their own identity. Veldkamp shows her ongoing research into construction sites and transitions in public space in a new series of works at SCHUNCK.

Very Contemporary, Home