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Highlights of this month

All our yesterdays: Lili Dujourie, Sophie Nys, Angyvir Padilla

⟶ 27.08.23 at IKOB (BE)

The group exhibition ALL OUR YESTERDAYS traces a lineage between three Belgium-based artists of different generations: LILI DUJOURIE (b. 1941), SOPHIE NYS (b. 1974), and ANGYVIR PADILLA (b. 1987). The exhibited works encompass sculpture, installation, photography, film, sound, and performance, and span a timeframe of over fifty years (1969–2023).

Illiberal Lives

⟶ 27.08.23 at Ludwig Forum Aachen (DE)

The disintegration of the liberal-capitalist post-war order which seemed firmly established after 1989 also left its mark on the art of this society. This is precisely where Illiberal Lives, the current exhibition at the Ludwig Forum Aachen, inserts itself. It probes how, with the dissolution of the liberal promise of progress, the unfree, illiberal core of modern freedoms inevitably surfaces, and the liberal fiction of art as a space of expression for bourgeois freedom also comes under increasing pressure. Where art is not just defending these properties, or making itself subservient to the invocation of national communities, it is increasingly crystallising at present as a practical scene of social conflicts and exclusions.

Very Contemporary, Home
Very Contemporary, Home

Murat Önen: doing the work

⟶ 21.05.23 at Neuer Aachener Kunstverein (DE)
Entirely new works have been created in Önen’s studio for the exhibition, which are now being presented at the Kunstverein for the first time. In his artistic practice, the painter always challenges the established formulas of academic painting, breaks with them, but also his own work and identity, the tropes of masculinity and queerness. The result of these fractures is thus by no means defined in advance – Önen works from something, but not towards something.

Bertien van Manen – Gluckauf

opening from 18.04.23 at SCHUNCK (NL)

The exhibition 'Gluckauf' shows a selection of photographs from the oeuvre of internationally acclaimed photographer Bertien van Manen, who grew up in Heerlen.
Gluckauf focuses on a recurring subject in Van Manen's work, which developed until roughly the late 1990s: life in mining communities.
Bertien van Manen is known for her documentary photography in which she captures people in their personal environment in an unpolished way.

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