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Highlights of this month

Open Studios: Zhixin Angus Liaon, Salomé Ingelbrecht, Krista Jantowski

01.12.23 ⟶ 03.12.23, at Greylight Projects (NL)

Greylight Projects invites you to the open studios of the resident artists chosen for the 2023 Autumn residency: Krista Jantowski, Salomé Ingelbrecht and Zhixin Angus Liao. Krista Jantowski, Salomé Ingelbrecht, Zhixin Angus Liao were selected for a residency, in collaboration with the Borderland Residencies program and for the past three months they lived and worked at Greylight Projects. During the open studios, which will take place on the first weekend of December, the artists will be present and show their research and works-in-progress.

Ulrike Müller: Monument To My Paper Body

Opening: Friday, 08.12.23, 7pm at Ludwig Forum Aachen (DE)

For the exhibition project Monument to My Paper Body, New York-based Ulrike Müller has conceived a site-specific mural on the two facing, fourteen-meter-high walls in the Ludwig Forum Aachen. This intervention is accompanied by collages, drawings, enamel paintings, monotypes, and textiles by the artist, which are presented in dialog with selected works from the collections at the Ludwig Forum Aachen.

Very Contemporary, Home
Very Contemporary, Home

Tanja Mosblech & Andrea Radermacher-Mennicken: Hyperbild

Opening: 10.12.23, 3pm at IKOB (BE)

In their exhibition, Tanja Mosblech (1970, Cologne, DE) and Andrea Radermacher-Mennicken (1964, Eupen, BE) present the results of their three-year collaboration as Artists of East Belgium [“Künstlerinnen Ostbelgiens”] 2020–23. Their project “Hyperbild” [hyperimage] arises from the mutual exchange of keywords, ideas, and materials: an infinite network of associations questioning the ways in which images can be associated in our digital age.

Dreaming Out Loud: Twan Hermans

12.10.23 ⟶ 18.12.23 at SCHUNCK (NL)

Preserving heritage, including the stories hidden in it, is an increasingly important issue today. There is still a lot of heritage to be found in Limburg, but there are also plenty of heritage sites that are empty, neglected, or whose original character has largely been lost. Architecture provides the tools to preserve and retell these stories, so that they are not lost and future generations know where their history lies.

Very Contemporary, Home