Highlights of the month

#Artist Talk: David Claerbout

26.05.24, 15:00 at Kunsthaus NRW Kornelimünster (DE)

David Claerbout in conversation with Marcel Schumacher & Elke Kania.
David Claerbout (* 1969 in Kortrijk, BE) has been known worldwide with large-format multimedia installations, using computer technology to engage with sensual, time-based experiences. “I am interested in the digital because it can appear and disappear. It exists between the worlds.” (Claerbout). In view of the deception potential of virtual pictorial worlds and their deceptive manifestations, he reveals the opposition between perception and reality, appearance and being.

Very Contemporary, Home
Very Contemporary, Home

Terrestrial Perspectives

26.05 ⟶ 27.10.24 at Ludwig Forum Aachen (DE)

An exhibition about land art, land use and ecology with works from the collections of the Ludwig Forum Aachen and beyond.
Curated by Lisa Oord, with works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Betty Beaumont, Boyle Family, Lucy Davis [Migrant Ecology Project], Danielle Dean, Rackstraw Downes, Paula Erstmann, Mónica Giron, Nancy Graves, Michael Heizer, Irmel Kamp, Richard Long, Algirdas Milleris, Wolfgang Nestler, Arjuna Neuman & Denise Ferreira da Silva, Jüri Okas, Silke Schatz, Transformella cinis lüzerathi et al.

Floor Snels & Fenna Koot: How does that relate to this and that and there?

Opening: Friday 31.05, 17h at Greylight Projects (NL)

Artists Floor Snels and Fenna Koot offer insights on what hierarchies exist in our immediate environment. Throughout history, we as humans have increasingly come to see ourselves as makers or owners of the world. However, in a time of major, overlapping crises and transitions, there is a need to get a better grip on how we can restructure existing hierarchies. The works that are part of this exhibition challenge you to break down a hegemonic hierarchy with the environment and get on an equal footing. Do we make the world or does the world make us? Or do we make it together?

Very Contemporary, Home
Very Contemporary, Home

Kids Unite: Film marathon around Yann Freichels’ exhibition

Sunday 02.06.24, 13h30–19h at IKOB (BE)

To complement Yann Freichels’ exhibition DANS L’EMPIRE DE L’EMPEREUR TOMATO KETCHUP, IKOB presents a three-part film programme on the Open Art Sunday on Sunday 2 June. The Kids Unite film programme focuses on uprisings carried out or inspired by protagonists from different eras. From a young preacher in 15th century Germany to children rebelling in a French boarding school to a feminist uprising in dystopian New York: dissatisfaction, unrest and the resulting group dynamics are portrayed in the three films in different ways and confronted with their respective social structures.