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Highlights of this month

Marcin Dudek: Akumulatory

19.09.2023 ⟶ 26.11.2023 at IKOB (BE)

Marcin Dudek (*1979, Kraków, PL) weaves together memories of his youth as part of the Polish generation that came of age after the dissolution of the Eastern bloc with a critique of society’s dependence on spectacle, power, and aggression. Working across installation, performance, sculpture, and painting, he uses found and salvaged materials, slicing and welding them together in an anti-readymade approach. For his first solo show in the German-speaking world, the artist has conceived new large-scale installations, presented alongside existing and reconfigured works. His exhibition at IKOB centers around spaces in which profound transformations—of the body, of the mind, of society—take place. In each of these locations, survival and community become inextricable from one another.

Luuk Smits: As long as it lasts

16.09.23 ⟶ 05.11.23 at Greylight Projects (NL)

The winning of sand in Heerlen causes the area of the quarry to change in many different ways. In response to the question “Where are we now?” Luuk Smits has delved into this changing landscape. Currently, Smits is developing an intuitive investigation of this place by following the sand. This leads on the one hand to an exploration of the history and future of the place, but also to a playful discovery of the features and materials found there.

Very Contemporary, Home
Very Contemporary, Home

Anne Neukamp: Impossible Object

24.09.23 ⟶ 14.01.24 at Leopold-Hoesch-Museum (DE)

With "Anne Neukamp, Impossible Object", the Leopold-Hoesch-Museum is showing works by the painter Anne Neukamp (*1976 in Düsseldorf, lives and works in Berlin) for the first time in a comprehensive institutional solo exhibition. This was realized in close collaboration with the artist and presents primarily recent works created since 2019, as well as key works from the period before.

Lukas Luzius Leichtle: All Thoughts No Prayers

10.09.23 ⟶ 08.10.23 at Neuer Aachener Kunstverein (DE)

Lukas Luzius Leichtle‘s first institutional solo exhibition All Thoughts No Prayers at NAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein presents new paintings and drawings created especially for the Kunstverein. Thematically, the oil paintings build on illustrations from Leichtle’s own experience: he attentively documents himself and selected arranged objects photographically as the basis for the paintings. In this way, he redefines hyperrealism: as something real in which there is dreamlike. Fake in the best sense of the word, but also more real than real.

Very Contemporary, Home