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Man and Meuse

OPENING 05.02 at Museum De Domijnen (NL)

In early February 2023, Museum de Domijnen in the Heritage Centre in Sittard will open a retrospective exhibition on the Meuse, the river that time and again plays an important role in the lives of Limburgers and residents of the region. For a long time, it was thought that we as humans could control the Meuse. But partly due to the impact of pollution and climate change, that way of life is changing. Increasingly, people are looking at how to build, work and live to the rhythm of the river. Unique to the exhibition is the combination of a social historical context with artistic inspiration and activism.

Benoit Christiaens: ¿Un mundo nuevo?

OPENING 03.02 at SPACE Collection (BE), 6pm

An evolving exhibition by Benoit Christiaens (BE).

Very Contemporary, Home
Very Contemporary, Home

Irmel Kamp: Architectural Images

⟶ 23.04.2023 at Leopold Hoesch Museum (DE)

The photographer Irmel Kamp dedicates her work to European architectural modernism. In doing so, she takes a fundamentally serial approach, uses exclusively black-and-white photography, and always chooses a position that, as a public location, incorporates the surrounding space, while at the same time strikingly expressing the conciseness of the architectural form.

At the same time the exhibition HOESCH TALENTS 2022 is running.

Open Call: ARTIST IN RESIDENCY Performing landscapes 2023

Very Contemporary is launching an open call for two residencies of three months (March-May 2023) in the context of the cross border performance festival Performing Landscapes. The residency is a co-production by Greylight Projects platform for art and culture in Heerlen (NL) and IKOB – Museum of Contemporary Art in Eupen (BE).

focus: performance, sound, happening, lecture, talk, walk, tour, gathering, storytelling, intervention, motion, movement, dance, spoken word, poetry, durational, research, reflecting, ...

Deadline February 7th 2023

Very Contemporary, Home