Highlights of the month

Surreal Hi-Tech Art, Cyborgs and the Internet of Things with Jo Caimo

25.07.24, 15h at IKOB (BE)

Join us for an immersive event with artist Jo Caimo where technology and art converge. Participants will assemble and wear MOODY® devices, which hang on the ear like a piece of jewelry. The devices measure excitement and interactions by registering the temperature of the ear. They thereby allow us to explore and visualize connections and collective energies between people without using language. This unique experience includes a hands-on workshop and a presentation.

Very Contemporary, Home
Very Contemporary, Home

Tolerance Test & Collection Exhibition

⟶ 29.09.24 at Het Nieuwe Domein (NL)

Het Nieuwe Domein proudly presents the Tolerance Test exhibition at Het Nieuwe Domein. This intriguing exhibition consists of a theatrical art installation by Charlotte Schleiffert and a collection presentation of Het Nieuwe Domein, in which themes such as inequality, power, status and identity are central.

Eat the Rainbow: Young art fans curate the IKOB collection

⟶ 08.09.24 at IKOB (BE)

This exhibition was curated by a group of children and presents artworks from the IKOB collection. Eight young art fans embarked on the adventure to develop an exhibition in collaboration with the IKOB team over a period of six weeks. During regular meetings at the museum, they worked as a group to develop the thematic focus, the selection of works, the scenography and the publication material.

Very Contemporary, Home