Wondertour #3 Sittard → Heerlen

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A Wondertour full of historic and urban contrasts

This cycling route takes you from Museum De Domijnen in Sittard (NL) to SCHUNCK in Heerlen (NL). It is a short route with contrasts between old historic buildings, and urban murals and developments. The route has some short steep climbs, and there is something new to explore on each corner. Historic buildings like the Saint Rosa Chapel, Watersley, Castle Doenrade and Amstenrade, lots of imposing murals and the brand new Maankwartier in Heerlen are along the way, before reaching the beautiful 'Glass Palace' by architect Frits Peutz.

Tour highlights

Start: Museum De Domijnen (Sittard), Google Maps

De Domijnen's museum of contemporary art is located in the complex Ligne in Sittard-Geleen. This architectural landmark also houses a graduate school, a library, and a cinema for arthouse films.

Very Contemporary, Sittard → Heerlen

Saint Rosa Chapel Google Maps

You’ll find the Saint Rosa chapel on top of the Kollenberg. It is a small building with a large and rich history. The chapel was built in 1675 in honour of Saint Rosa, the patron saint of Sittard. In 1668 a dysentery epidemic broke out in Sittard, claiming many victims. It is said that by the intercession of Latin American Saint Rosa, the contagious disease ceased.
The city council promised to hold a procession every year, on the last Sunday of August, from St Michael's Church (at Markt Sittard) to a chapel built in honour of St Rosa.

Very Contemporary, Sittard → Heerlen

Castle Doenrade Google Maps

Doenrade Castle is located on the edge of the eponymous village of Doenrade. The castle was built around 1117 and is one of the oldest castles in Limburg. In earlier years this was a castle with moats around it and it was inhabited by important noble families. For example, the Brempt (1196) and Dobbelstein (1224) families were among the original nobility.

Very Contemporary, Sittard → Heerlen

Mural 'Kriebelstad' by Millo (2015) Google Maps

The Italian street artist Millo is well known in cities such as Florence and Rome. Millo began his artistic career as a student of architecture, which might account for his keen sense of space and his ability to fill an exterior facade with such perfectly shaped designs. His work can also be seen in Paris, London and Rio de Janeiro, revealing a consistently simple, monochromatic style matched with splashes of colour and whimsical characterizations.

Very Contemporary, Sittard → Heerlen

Murals in Heerlen

Heerlen has an extensive collection of murals, paintings and graffiti works on walls in the city, especially in the centre. The collection is regularly supplemented with new works. For an overview of murals in Heerlen, go to heerlenmurals.nl

Very Contemporary, Sittard → Heerlen

Maanplein Google Maps

The Maanplein is part of the Maankwartier project; the design is by artist Michel Huisman. Huisman developed a new urban area in Heerlen. It is a place where the station, shops, cafes, hotels, offices and housing come together.

Very Contemporary, Sittard → Heerlen

End: SCHUNCK (Heerlen), Google Maps

SCHUNCK is housed in the historic and iconic Glaspaleis, the 'Glass Palace' built by architect Frits Peutz in 1935. It is a cultural meeting point that combines a museum, a school of music and dance, and a public library. The museum stages exhibitions and other activities in the Glaspaleis and in the city. It is a place where contemporary art and architecture are in dialogue with the community and the wider world. SCHUNCK collaborates with artists, architects and partners from far and wide.

Very Contemporary, Sittard → Heerlen